At C-Forward, we work closely with nonprofit organizations. We know the issues faced by these organizations and we understand their unique needs.

C-Forward provides nonprofits with IT and telephone products and services that improve their productivity and help them achieve their important civic and charitable missions.

C-Forward not only works for nonprofit organizations, but it works with them as well. For several years, the company and its employees have partnered with the James E. Biggs Early Childhood Education Center in Covington; Tender Mercies, a Cincinnati-based organization that serves the homeless by providing housing and related services; and other Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati charitable and nonprofits organizations.

In addition, C-Forward CEO Brent Cooper very active in the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to serve the Northern Kentucky business community. Cooper currently serves as the chairman of board of directors at the Chamber of Commerce.

At C-Forward, being personal, proactive and reliable not only applies to our business strategy, but also to how we help the community through our involvement in charitable and nonprofit organizations.