C-Forward installs and supports Microsoft’s Terminal Services implementation of thin-client terminal server computing, where Windows applications, or even the entire desktop of the computer running Terminal Services, are made accessible to a remote client machine. The client can either be a full-fledged computer, running any operating system as long as the terminal services protocol is supported, or a bare-boned machine powerful enough to support the protocol (such as Windows FLP).

With terminal services, only the user interface of an application is presented at the client, and applications are installed on a central server. For example, instead of deploying database or accounting software on all desktops, the applications can simply be installed on a server and remote users can log on and use them via the network. This centralization makes upgrading, troubleshooting, and software management much easier, and saves your company time and money. As long as employees have Remote Desktop software, they will be able to use enterprise software. Terminal Services can also integrate with Windows authentication systems to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the applications or data.