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C-Forward Announces Dale Silver’s Promotion to V.P. of Client Services


dale website pictureC-Forward, an Information Technology (I.T.) Services firm headquartered in Covington, KY is announcing a new Vice President of Client Services.

Dale Silver, C-Forward’s Client Services Manager, is being promoted to Vice President of Client Services.

A Dale Carnegie Sales & Management graduate, Silver brought over 25 years of executive experience to C-Forward when she started in 2012.

Brent Cooper, C-Forward’s President, raves about Dale’s performance and leadership within the organization.

“Dale is an excellent manager.” said Cooper. “She is extremely hard working, always goes above and beyond, and demonstrates every day that she cares about our company and the community.”

According to Cooper, Dale’s work is a key factor in C-Forward’s extremely high client retention rate, (over 95%), and consistently high customer satisfaction scores.

“Our vision is to provide quality, cost effective and innovative I.T. solutions that help our employees, customers and community succeed.” Cooper explains. “Dale fits perfectly with that vision as she has a daily positive impact in all three of those success goals.”

Silver expressed why she joined C- Forward. “I was looking for a company that shared my vision of providing outstanding service to clients as well as a commitment to the community. My first call was to Brent knowing he had built C-Forward on the same principles. I have never looked back. The management team and staff continue to improve internal best practices in order to deliver world-class service.”

A past Executive Committee Board Member at the NKY Chamber, Silver currently serves on the Covington Business Council Board of Directors, is a Team Organizer at the Parish Kitchen, a volunteer at the Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry, and serves on the Queens Point Homeowners Association. She is also the current President of the Rosie Reds Board of Directors.

“I could not be more proud of her.” said Cooper. “As you can see, her service has not only been extensive, but extremely effective. Her strong voice at the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors helped elevate both the Leadership Northern Kentucky and Women’s Initiative programs – two of the most successful offerings by that organization. Her passion for serving the poor and homeless continues to shine through her service at the Parish Kitchen. And her service with the Covington Business Council has helped make that organization stronger, and the City of Covington a better place to live, work and raise a family.”

In 2009 Silver received the “Leader of Distinction” award from the NKY Chamber’s Leadership Foundation. In 2013 she was named an Outstanding Woman of Northern Kentucky, and in 2015 she received the Walter L. Peischel Volunteer Award from the NKY Chamber.

A graduate of Leadership Northern Kentucky in 1998, Silver enjoys spending time with her friends and family, supporting various organizations, and attending as many Reds baseball games as humanly possible. She lives in the Incline District of Price Hill with her dog “Minichip” and cat “Gracie.”

Colonel De Gourmet Herbs & Spices

It’s always a rough day as a business owner when you drop your computer and break the flash drive that has all of your important files and information stored on it. That’s exactly what happened to “Colonel” De and Susan Stewart of Colonel De Gourmet Herbs & Spices. What was their knee-jerk reaction? To call C-Forward, of course!

Upon receiving the device, C-Forward did everything they could to repair it. Unfortunately, the drive was broken beyond physical repair. Reluctant to admit defeat, C-Forward devised a plan that would enable the files to be retrieved from the drive without the physical damage needing to be repaired. This plan was communicated to the clients, who were assured that they would not need to pay anything if the recovery was unsuccessful.

Because the circuitry within the device was undamaged, the data was able to be salvaged. From this point, a link was created and sent to the client which allowed them to download all of their previously lost data.

When Susan Stewart was informed that the data had been recovered, she had this to say: “I cannot even begin to tell you how relieved I am. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for finding a solution.”

C-Forward is committed to being proactive and finding the best solutions for their clients. This is just one of many happy customer stories.

NaviGo + C-Forward

NGP_Header_Logo C-ForwardLogoHighRes-c

On July 25,2016 C-Forward attended the NaviGo scholar’s kickoff at Thomas More College. This event had a huge turnout, with 180 scholars present. C-Forward, along with several other organizations, met with their sponsored student for the first time and began preparing for the coming school year.             C-Forward is delighted to have the opportunity to participate in this program and to help facilitate the successful futures of local students.

NaviGo is part of the Northern Kentucky Education Council and the program is run by Tim Hanner, former Superintendent of Kenton County Schools. NaviGo Scholars Connects is a program that involves one-on-one career coaching for local high school students. The scholars are paired with a NaviGo coach, with whom they meet face-to-face for 1 hour each month during the school year. During this time, coaches help students research career possibilities through customized curriculum, and to help the students explore possible career paths based on their interests, abilities, and passions. After completion of the program, participating businesses are given a profile of their sponsored students to see if there are matches for career coaches within the sponsoring company.

C-Forward partnered with Covington Independent Schools last year, and is proud to partner with the Ludlow school district this year. Participating in NaviGo connects is just one of the ways that C-Forward engages with the local community to improve education in our region. In addition to the NaviGo Scholars Connects program, C-Forward is also a Business Education Success Team (BEST) partner with James E. Biggs pre-school and an Adopt-A-Class partner with John G. Carlisle Elementary school, both located in Covington, KY.

President of C-Forward, Brent Cooper, also serves on Cincinnati’s Strive Partnership Executive Committee and is chair of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Education/Workforce Council.                 C-Forward will continue to encourage and participate in programing that strives to improve career education in the region.

C-Forward Announces Returning Leader

C-Forward, an Information Technology (I.T.) Services firm headquartered in Covington, KY is announcing the return of a key manager.

Mike Grout, who was with C-Forward for nearly 10 years and left the company in late 2015, has returned to his previous role as Technical Services Manager.

Said C-Forward President Brent Cooper, “I’m thrilled to see Mike back in his office! Having his expertise and experience on board makes us a much stronger organization. For nearly 10 years he showed our employees, our customers, and our community that he is passionate about building great teams, solving problems, and learning about the newest technologies. His return will help C-Forward’s clients be more efficient, productive, and ultimately successful. Getting Mike back is a big deal.”

An NKU graduate (Class of 2006) and a Leadership Northern Kentucky Graduate (Class of 2013), Mike will lead C-Forward’s technical service team with the goal of providing extraordinary customer service. He will be coordinating and managing technical projects for non-profit, government and for-profit clients. As part of C-Forward’s leadership team, he will also be assisting in several aspects of the company’s daily operations.

“Like many C-Forward employees, Mike has served the community in a number of ways. He served on the Northern Kentucky Workforce Investment Board, the Leadership Northern Kentucky Advisory Council, and has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, just to name a few. His dedication to our community is impressive and is a wonderful example for other millennials within our organization.” Cooper said.

Said Grout, “After almost 10 years, I left to get perspective on my career and professional goals. After a short time away, I confirmed that C-Forward’s mission and vision is exactly in alignment with my personal beliefs and goals. I believe that to be successful, you have to be passionate about your work. For me, trying to make our business, our employees and our clients a little better is what gets me out of bed each morning. Leading a team towards our goal of helping businesses successfully leverage technology is exciting to me. I love what we do and am very happy to be back!”

Mike lives in Edgewood, KY with his wife Lisa and their dog Scooter.