60 sec of Tech: Fitness Trackers

This week we have another episode from our tour of NKU college of informatics. Joe, one of our new techs shows us three different fitness trackers the students have available to study.

60 Sec of Tech: Tank Kiosk

Check out this cool TANK Kiosk that was developed at the NKU college of informatics.

60 sec of Tech: NKU’s College of Informatics

Did you know that C-Forward employs some great NKU alumni? This week a few of them got to tour NKU’s College of Informatics. Check it out below!

60 sec of Tech: iOS7

iOS7 is out! It’s time to update your iPhones and iPads. Today Jim will walk us through a few of the new features.
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60 sec of Tech: Friday The 13th

Today we have a special Friday the 13th episode. Try not to get to scared while Mike Francis tells us about C-Forward’s managed back up solutions.